Dieb Enterprises Service

Dieb Enterprises has a staff of fully trained, highly skilled technicians to service your changers and dollar bill validators. Each unit is torn completely down and washed free of all dirt, salt, and grime. The unit is carefully re-assembled, tested, and repaired. Then after our quality control department is finished with it, they put one of Dieb's service stickers on the unit, indicating which technician repaired the unit, and the date it was repaired.

Each of our units features a full, unconditional 90-Day warranty, assuring you that every fault we could find with the unit has been repaired properly. For example, if we repair one of your changers by replacing a pay-out solenoid, then after using it for 80 days, a control board fails, we will repair the unit free of charge. (The only exception to this is if the unit has become damaged due to salting, vandalism, customer error, etc..)

Dieb Enterprises is an approved Service Center for organizations such as, Coca-Cola Refreshments, American Bottling Co., Aramark, Pepsi America, Vendo, National Vendors and other full line and soft drink corporations.